Los Monjes Piripis

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Welcome the the world of the Tipsy Monks

Welcome the the world of the Tipsy Monks – we are glad you stopped by!
Here you can learn more about the history and purpose behind the Tipsy Monks as well as finding out how to visit us. We live in a lush, green valley high in the Spanish Pyrenees where the Cistercien monks have worked and prayed for centuries. We produce and sell wine and ship it directly from our vineyards to you in barrels.  In addition to great wine we offer blue skies, green pastures, fantastic food and great friendship.
Here you can purchase wine by the barrel, or you can plant and harvest your own personal row of grapevines You can also browse through many more tipsy products. In the land of tipsy monks the air is fresh, the water crystal clear, and the welcome is always warm!

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