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Red wine in 5 or 20 liter barrels


The wine comes in specially designed wine pouches contained within leakproof cartons which are easily inserted into the wooden barrel.These sterile vacuum pouches ensure a long shelf life of up to 60 days, and provide a clean, green, and economical method of enjoying wine.The barrels and pouches come with pressure taps that open and close automatically for fast and safe pouring. Order your wine in 5 or 20  liter barrels which we will ship directly to your home or business. Your barrel is a a one-time purchase and the wine refills are auto-shipped at any interval of your choosing.

Descripción del Producto

Red wine in 5 or 20 liter oak barrels.


Wine bag for barrel bar2

Información adicional

Peso 7 pounds kg
Dimensiones 10 x 8 x 7 cm


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