The Tipsy Monks

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We built the Tipsy Monks upon the fundamental principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)  and the triple bottom line.
(People, planet, profit).
Vines in yard
By returning to small, table-top wooden barrels, which was the way  wine was originally sold and consumed in homes and taverns, we address the key CSR issue of wine consumption today. That is that over 70% of the cost of a glass of wine can be directly traced to the bottling process and bottle distribution model.
We here at The Tipsy Monks believe it can be done better, greener, and more responsibly.
More ever we fully recognize that the wine industry is entirely dependent upon the planets natural resources: Solar energy, suitable climate, clean water, healthy soils and the successful integration of these elements with ecological production processes.
Therefore it is imperative that these natural assets are protected and enhanced through sustainable practices.  Here at The Tipsy Monks our platform rests on the three fundamental pillars: Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and giving back what we take to the planet.
We have identified within each of these areas specific categories of emphasis, such as environmental impact to include CO2 footprint, corporate giving, and community involvement.
Therefore you can enjoy Tipsy Monks brand in good faith and good conscience.
Triple Bottom Line and CSR